Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jim and Brooke

What a fun wedding day with Jim and Brooke! These two and their wedding party love to have a good time - I don't think I've ever laughed so much shooting a wedding. We captured some great group photos in the Narthex of St. Roberts before the very special ceremony began - the priest who married Jim and Brooke also married Brooke's parents and was a ring bearer in her grandparents' wedding!

Following the ceremony, we made a pit stop for a few outdoor photos with the wedding party...check out the shot below of the ushers lifting Brooke...pretty hilarious.

The evening continued at the TreeTops Restaurant at the Henry Doorly Zoo. It was stunning, with the exotic tabletop arrangements and the rainforest in the background. Dinner was delicious and the cake by Cupcake Island was unmatched. This was a top-notch reception and it concluded with a dance floor full of people ready to party the night away.